Owner Surrender


Surrendering a Pet to Wags & Whiskers

Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision and Wags & Whiskers recognizes there are situations in which rehoming an animal is necessary. As such, we are happy to help with owner surrenders where we can.


Owner Surrender Process:

  1. Fill out the surrender application
    1. Dogs: http://wagsmn.rescuegroups.org/forms/form?formid=2993
    2. Cats: http://wagsmn.rescuegroups.org/forms/form?formid=3115
  2. Our coordinators will review your application
  3. If your application is accepted, we will request a copy of current vet records, if available, and a current photo
  4. If the pet you are surrendering is a dog, our training team will be in touch to set up a temperament test to evaluate if the dog is a good fit for any of our foster homes
  5. Your animal will be networked to our fosters
  6. Once a foster home is found, we will have you sign a surrender agreement relinquishing legal ownership to the rescue and pay a $50 surrender fee


Animals Name

Requirements for Owner Surrenders:

Wags & Whiskers is a foster based rescue without a physical shelter. The ability to place your animal in rescue is dependent on having an open foster home and the animal having a temperament that would qualify them as adoptable. In general, we will not be able to accommodate the following: