Owner Surrender


Surrendering a Pet to Wags & Whiskers

Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision and Wags & Whiskers recognizes there are situations in which rehoming an animal is necessary. As such, we are happy to help with owner surrenders where we can.


If the pet you are surrendering is a dog, our training team will be in touch to set up a temperament test to evaluate if the dog is a good fit for any of our foster homes.

PLEASE NOTE: Temperament tests happen in South Minneapolis. Owners must be willing to drive to meet our volunteer at this location.  


Owner Surrender Process:

Before completing the surrender application, please ensure that all the criteria outlined on this page is met and that you are fully committed to surrendering your animal. We are a volunteer based rescue and we need to focus on those who are fully committed and ready to surrender their animal to Wags & Whiskers. Postponements and cancellations of temperament tests are not acceptable and may result in Wags & Whiskers denying your application.


Animals Name

Requirements for Owner Surrenders:

Wags & Whiskers is a foster based rescue without a physical shelter. The ability to place your animal in rescue is dependent on having an open foster home and the animal having a temperament that would qualify them as adoptable. In general, we will not be able to accommodate the following: