Rush to Rescue


Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Corrections Rush City Facility to participate in their Rush to Rescue program. The Rush to Rescue program was established in 2013 teaming homeless dogs with prison offenders. This program will place dogs with selected pairs of prison offenders within the prison. The dogs live with their handlers 24/7, and just like in any foster home, the dogs will have access to all the essential items needed to live a healthy, happy life until they find their forever home. Wags will provide all of the supplies, including food, kennels, toys, treats, blankets, dog beds, training, monthly preventatives, regular vet care, and the handlers will be providing daily care, exercise, training and 24/7 love. The state facility bears no cost in the care or maintenance of the dogs. The rescue depends on donations to provide the items that the dogs require. If you would like to support Wags & Whiskers, please visit the donate section on our website for more information. Dogs participating in the Rush to Rescue program will benefit from the companionship, socialization, and both professional and one on one training. We have a certified trainer that visits the prison on a regular basis to conduct obedience classes and assist with any concerns that may arise. The trainer teaches the handlers how to train the dogs in basic obedience as well as assisting in any specific behavioral training that may be needed.  The handlers also benefit from the program by learning valuable skills, patience, as well as the program helping to build bridges between the offenders and the prison staff. Behind the walls of the facility, the handlers find a renewed sense of purpose working with rescued animals along with a comradery they would not have otherwise had. The dogs are available for adoption through our website and will stay with their handlers through adoption. They will be brought to various adoption events, special events and fundraisers by a Wags & Whiskers volunteer. Meet and greets can also be arranged with a Wags & Whiskers volunteer in the prison lobby for an approved applicant.

Successful adoptions from the program

Chloe                                                                 Margo                                                     

Chloe                             Margo

Tess                                                                    Lady

Tess 1                            Lady 1

Calypso                                                            Timber 

Calypso Cover                                Timber 4

 Maverick                                                         Scully  

Maverick               Scully

Goose                                                                Moose   

Goose                   Moose 1

Raiden                                                                 Bella

Raiden                       Bella 10

Sundown                                                            Ella

Sunny 6                        Ella 2

Zoey                                                                      Bruce

Zoey 1                        Bruce 1

Wally Bear                                                           Bentley

Wally 2                              Bentley

 Duke                                                                  Draven

Duke 2                                Draven main

Darby                                                                   Cooper

Darby          cooper 5

Gunner                                                             Percy

Gunner                        Percy

Tank                                                               Smitty

Tank                   Smitty 4

Marley                                                          Walker

Marley                                 Walker