Volunteer Testimonials

I volunteer because not only do I get to meet wonderfully kind & compassionate people and meet many adorable animals – but also because it helps me. Helps me to not feel quite so sad all the time when I see the ASPCA advertisements on TV & listen to all the sad news stories of human indifference towards life. I am fortunate to be a part of such giving & altruistic team. Thanks! ~Theresa

Some would call it volunteering their spare time when fostering. However I feel differently about that, because it is so rewarding, enjoyable, and fun working with these great animals we rescue. Helping these rescues is only a small part of their lives we get to share with them and each one of them holds a special moment, memory, collar, bark , snore when they sleep, puppy breath smell, I could go on and on. To me it’s not volunteering my time because I’ve always loved animals and now I get to involve my own pack of dogs with so many rescues and I’m greatful to help out such a wonderful organization like Wags.

The wife and I have be fostering dogs from Wags since 2011. All involved are always helpful, kind, thoughtful and have great ideas all across the board with Q&A’s about fostering. We have meet so many new friends because of Wags & Wiskers and its all because of LOVE for these animals. I always tell friends and family if they are feeling like they are missing something in life, stressed cause of work, lonely or need a jogging buddy to foster or adopt a rescue.

A special thanks to all the Wags family, transporters, fosters, families that adopted and keep us updated, the Wags coordinators who spend a lot of time making this group what it is. We wish the best for all in the future and like I always say, let’s save one at a time !!! ~Dan

I started volunteering because I believed I could help change a dogs life.  After 3 years of working at a job that I love more than anything else I’ve ever done (except being a Mom), I have discovered that I’m not changing their lives, they have changed mine.  I have had a dog that I thought would be mine forever, she has a disease that requires her to be on steroids for the rest of her life, along with other medication.  Low and behold, a very kind man saw her (she’s not the prettiest dog ever either, quite homely to be exact, but so incredibly sweet) and took her in and is madly in love with her.  She has been in her home with him for around two years.  I used to get to babysit her when he would go on vacation, but has now moved to Texas, but I get pictures and updates all the time.  And a standing invite to go visit.  I also had a Great Dane puppy that was so afraid of everything and everyone, that I would have to pick her up and take her out side to go potty and then pick her up and bring her inside to the couch.  A couple from New Jersey adopted her, flew all the way out here, and then rented a car to take her home so she wouldn’t be afraid.  This is why I do it.  There are wonderful people out there that not only want the cute little puppies, or fluffy dogs, they also want the abused, frightened, and what I thought was the unadoptable ones too.  These are the dogs and people that give me hope to continue to do this.  Not only them, but the Wags and Whiskers volunteers and staff.  They are always available to me whenever I need them.  Like I said, it’s the best job I’ve ever had, and I don’t get paid in money for doing it, but my heart is always full. ~Terri

I decided to become a foster parent because we were thinking about adopting a dog and thought this would be a great way introduce my family to the idea of caring for a dog everyday.  I also loved that this is teaching my children about loving all dogs NOT just “our” dog!!  It’s has been a great eye opening and SUPER rewarding experience already!!  I can’t imagine us NOT doing it! ~Jackie

The best part is being involved with a wonderful group of people who are willing to help each other out and do what it takes to save all these beautiful animals and find them families.  I also Love meeting all the amazing dogs and falling in love with each of them.   I get far more out of this than I put into it.  It is truly rewarding. ~Lichele

What’s the best thing about Wags? Meeting and saving kind little souls is at the top of the list.  A close second is meeting the adopters. ~Ellyn and Dean

The animals!  I love the opportunity to meet so many varieties of four-legged sweethearts, and to help them feel at home, get grounded, and eventually find their forever families.  I love hearing about them, after they have been home for awhile, and know how they have grown and are loved.  I also truly love working with the Wags crew of fabulous people!  I find I get amazing support and the friendship and camaraderie is wonderful! ~Annetta