Adoption FAQs

What areas do you serve?

We serve  Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding Metro (60 mile radius), also within a 30 mile radius of Duluth, Rochester, and Mankato.

What is a home visit and why is it required?

A home visit is an in-home, pre-adoption interview conducted by a Wags & Whiskers volunteer. This visit is to verify the information provided on the adoption application, to make sure your home is safe for the animal you are interested in adopting, and to answer any questions you may have.

Does my new dog need obedience training?

Yes!  It is recommended that all dogs receive obedience training upon adoption to ensure a happy transition and to promote healthy behavior.

I am a new pet owner, how do I choose the correct pet for me? 

Not all breeds of dogs and cats have the same requirements, some research on the breed of dog or cat you are interested in adopting is very helpful in determining typical behavior or possible health issues that may exhibit in your prospective pet.   Not all dogs and cats are for everyone! Adopting an animal also requires a financial commitment to provide annual or periodic veterinary care, food, toys and obedience training. Also know that animals require our time and attention. Be sure to pick a breed of dog or cat that aligns with your lifestyle.

What if my pet gets sick after the adoption?

Wags & Whiskers takes great care to ensure that our animals are healthy upon adoption. But with all living things, there are no guarantees, and you are responsible for all medical care after adoption, unless other arrangements have been made.  Copies of all veterinary records will be provided to you upon adoption. These records should become a permanent part of your new pet’s medical records to be provided to your veterinarian.

Why is my pet microchipped?

All pets that are rescued through Wags & Whiskers are microchipped. This is a special program for rescue pets that provides information for your pet to be returned to you if he or she gets lost, ends up at animal control, a veterinary office or another rescue.

What is included in the adoption fee?

The fee covers only a portion of our investment in the care of your adopted pet. Your pet has been a part of a foster home environment in which they received love, socialization and training. In addition, pets are current on all vaccinations as needed for their age (unless otherwise noted), microchipped, and spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

What if my current pets are not spayed or neutered?

One of our missions at Wags is to help control the animal population. Unaltered animals lead to unwanted litters, which perpetuates the cycle, so our Rescue promotes the ideal that all companion animals should be spayed/neutered. If you are interested in having your current resident pet(s) spayed/neutered so that you may adopt one of our pets, we will happily reconsider your application once proof of spay/neuter is provided.

Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone?

At Wags & Whiskers, we believe in the importance of individuals having the choice of their own pet, so people can find the perfect animal to match their family, lifestyle and expectations. We do not adopt our animals as surprise gifts for family and friends. People wishing to pay an adoption fee on behalf of an approved adopter may do so by indicating the name of the adopter and adopted pet in the payment memo line.