Foster Parenting

Fostering is invaluable to the continuation of our Rescue. Wags & Whiskers will provide veterinary care and basic necessities for your foster animal.  Understand that this is a commitment to a living animal; those that are rescued in “less than perfect” condition will require effort on your part to help them become happy, healthy, adoptable animals.  We depend on you to provide that love and attention!

Wags & Whiskers does not have a shelter; 100% reliance is placed on our foster homes to provide housing while our animals are within our Rescue.  A commitment to become a foster parent must be a commitment from intake through adoption, which can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.

The role of a foster parent includes, but is not limited to:

> Name and Rescue ID of the animal (provided by Rescue staff)

> Temperament description of the foster animal:

> Is he/she good with dogs, cats, children (if known)

> Is he/she house-trained, litter box trained, crate trained

> Personality traits

> Bios and photos should be updated for changes in temperament and appearance.  This is especially important for very young animals.

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a foster application.  If you have further questions on becoming a foster parent, please send an email to, and an experienced foster parent will answer all your questions.